Thursday, November 8, 2012

Resetting HTC freestyle and user manual


this manual for HTC freestyle (at & t) user's Guide. Manual user manual contains important information for you such as phone overview with symbol, and important features, tutorial, remove and replace the lower cover, tutorial opening and close the battery compartment, tutorial how to insert and remove the memory card, such as the establishment of the phone for the first time, finger, gesture, home screen overview, tutorial how to access applications in the Hauptmen├╝Personalisierung E.g. Changig wallpaper and ringtone, make calls by using the on-screen keyboard, using word prediction, messaging settings.

Then about mobile email, for example your first email account with mobile Web set up to manage applications, access the app Manager, with camera, for example protects AT & T music and radio, with maps, Bluetooth and settings that protect your SIM card with a PIN, phone downloaded unblocking SIM card was blocked, reset factory and many more.

Download HTC freestyle user manual and phone reset here (English PDF file size: 3.7 MB). For Spanish language here (PDF file size: 3.6 MB). While quick start guide here (PDF file size: 5 MB). Free download manual from


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