Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ion audio ANYROOM product overview (data sheet)


Ion audio ANYROOM is the speaker system, that helps iPod enjoy your favorite songs from your you, wherever you go in your home without headphones. Simply place an ion audio ANYROOM speakers in every room of the House, and it is wirelessly receive your music ready. Ion audio ANYROOM audio CD quality can be transferred anywhere wirelessly directly to speaker in your home from your iPod or iPhone. A small transmitter connects to your iPod and transmits audio speakers with built-in receiver modules. You can extend even ANYROOM with more speakers, which can monitor at different locations in your House, apartment, or Office. You choose leisurely and play music, taxes you volume and sound shaping EQ with your iPod or iPhone you can enjoy the convenience and sound quality of the ANYROOM experience. In contrast to traditional boom boxes or speaker systems with a dock in them is ANYROOM you lack the freedom to move without a note. There is no need to limit your iPod or iPhone in a single place or wear uncomfortable headphones or earphones with ANYROOM.

Just connect the transmitter to your iPod, select your title and go, where you have an ANYROOM speakers; Music will follow. In addition to room-filling, high-quality sound ANYROOM quality loudspeakers are also compact and stylish so you can put them almost anywhere. You easily fit on shelves, countertops, sidebars or elsewhere, you need to listen to your music. Go ahead. Fill your iPod with your favorite music and have the music follow anywhere around your House with ANYROOM.

Key features of ion audio ANYROOM:

-Wi-Fi, CD-quality stereo sound through walls, ceilings and floors
-Stereo, wireless can born ANYROOM speakers in nearly any location be placed
-32W total speaker output power
-Expandable with additional ANYROOM speaker
-Works with all docking iPod models and iPhone (3 g)
-Up to 300 m range
-Better-than Bluetooth performance

Download ion audio ANYROOM product overview (data sheet).PDF


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