Thursday, November 8, 2012

Harman Kardon BDS 400 home theater system data sheet


Are you system data sheet on the lookout for Harman Kardon BDS 400 home theater? Harman Kardon BDS is 400 datasheet for you here. This data sheet is available online and you can download it to directly from Harman Kardon Web site. This data sheet is available in PDf format with 2 sides and 787 KB in size. The Harman Kardon BDS 400 data sheet contains all the information and the description of the Harman Kardon BDS 400-home entertainment system, such as specifications and capabilities.

Many people find too complex for their needs and too cumbersome for their listening areas, traditional home theater installations. The Harman Kardon BDS 400 is system neither. Powerful handset with a Blu-ray disc/DVD/CD player and FM tuner (with RDS), plus only two front speakers and a subwoofer is integrated TheBDS easier than many stereo music systems, 400
But it is considerably more capable. Able to reproduce movies and music from virtually any source with the clarity and fidelity of the original material, the BDS 400 delivers immersive listening experience. It plays also a iPod or iPhone files over a Harman Kardon the dock bridge IIIP (not included). With the latest features and technologies, an intuitive on-screen menu system for foolproof Setup and features, providing only Harman Kardon technology that many houses will ever need can, the BDS 400 the only entertainment system might be.

Harman Kardon BDS 400 key features:

-iPod/iPhone compatibility - system connects to iPod and iPhone about Harman Kardon the bridge IIIP dock (not included).
-The audio signals in the digital domain from the source to the output, reducing the conversion remain digital amplifier technology
Artifacts for better quality
-Flat screen midrange sound heads - honeycomb and carbon fibre LAT surface reduces the diffraction for natural,
transparent sound
-Compact powered subwoofer - downward firing to expand and improve the bass response by interactions with the ground, the subwoofer features auto/off switch as well as controls for volume, phase and bass boost
-2-1/2 Way crossover improved transition between midrange and high-frequency driver for more natural sound
-Extensive connectivity - three digital inputs and two line inputs facilitate other audio components (turntable require a separate phono preamplifier) connect to your BDS system
Ethernet port - your BDS system connect to your home network and enjoy BD-live ™ content over the Internet
-Press files on USB devices and CD-R discs with a minimum of button playlist-function callback
-Cover art display outputs cover of audio files with ID3-tags
-Screen saver function - prevents CRT and plasma displays
-Upgradeable firmware - easily install firmware upgrades through the on screen display
-System installation simplified detachable IEC power cord-
Gold-plated binding posts
Headphone Jack
Contain hardware and all cables included speaker wall mount

Harman Kardon BDS 400 home theater system Datasheet.PDF Download


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