Thursday, November 8, 2012

Manual owner's Manual of the HTC hero S


You two find manual for HTC hero S PDF manual. The first manual and quick start guide. The leaders of user information, fill more than star quick reference guide of course. In the manual user manual contains information, such as part overview of the most important functions, as with the search and Web browser for Internet access basic Smartphone, calls and messages instructions, learn, learn and listen music photo tutorial and videos about bassic camera.

Then can you get infromation about HTC service accounts and sync, people with the social network such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, Google MASP maps Suign and position with Android market, and other apps, HTC sync, with keyboard and Internet connections Guide, with Bluetooth and settings, security, settings, settings tutorial phone and reset the phone.

Download manual instruction manual of the HTC hero S here (PDF size: 2.6 MB-English). Avalaible quick start guide of the HTC hero S, download here. Source:


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