Friday, September 9, 2011

GE AE1RD10AM mini split system air conditioner


The GE AE1RD10AM mini split system air conditioner provides quiet comfort, thanks to a smart design feature that places the condensing unit outside and out of earshot. The GE AE1RD10AM split system air conditioner uses R-410A refrigerant, which is not harmful to the earth’s ozone layer. R-410A meets year 2010 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements.

GE AE1RD10AM Capacity Specs

Cooling BTUH
Cooling EER (BTUH / Watt)
Heating – Reverse Cycle – BTUH
10000.0 Btu

The following manual provides detail information regarding product overview and description, specifications, features, as well as user guide, operating instruction, installation manual, and troubleshooting tips for the General Electric GE AE1RD10AM mini split system air conditioner series.

This GE AE1RD10AM manual is divided into sections as follows:

Safety Instructions
Operating Instructions
Installation Instruction
, this include: Air Purging and Leakage Test, Before You Begin, Connection Tubing, Dimensions, Drainage Hose, Electrical Requirements, Electrical Wiring, Indoor Unit, Location, Outdoor Unit, Tubing Hole, Power Line, Mounting Plate, Test Operation, Wiring Indoor Unit, Wiring Outdoor Unit.
Troubleshooting Tips
Consumer Support

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