Monday, August 1, 2011

Samsung SMX-C24BN/XAA Camcorder manual users operating Guide


Samsung SMX-C24BN/XAA Camcorder manual users operate Guide. Samsung SMX-C24BN/XAA Ultra compact camcorder is your right choice to start the challenge to record your video with the same quality results on your tv. It has 10 x optical zoom, 1200x digital zoom with Widescreen LCD. Comes with size LCD 2.7-inches, width 1.3 inches, height 2.2 inches and the depth of 4.3 inches. This video camera is also equipped with 16 GB internal memory with external storage media, you can use SD and SDHC media storage, and types of storage is Flash memory,you can also use USB as a computer interface. Samsung SMX-C24BN/XAA is Standard Definition recording has other functions, 720 x 480 resolution, sensor 1/06? CCD, color choices of black, Video Out: composite, Li-Ion rechargeable battery, batteries included battery charger included and compressed JPEG Format. And many features that you get from Samsung SMX-C24BN/XAA Camcorder, quote from samsung.Download Samsung SMX-C24BN/XAA Camcorder Manual users operating Guide can be downloaded for free from


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