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Review the HTC HD 7 and free download user's Guide


What we are more worried, however, is the Qualcomm QSD8250 chip, which is located within the HD7 restricts. This was a celebrated 1 GHz part back when it graced the HTCS own HD2 this time last year, but today ... not so much. And talk about the HD2, it is rather disgusting to see HTC have gone and matched its spec almost completely. Sure, external acceptable physical buttons has been deprecated in favor of capacitive keys and you now have a slightly different frame around the screen jumbo, but with regard to the internal hardware, it is almost the same phone. We imagine this was probably of HTCS hands, because Microsoft insists on special trio WP7 buttons and has also been a mandate within the processor, but it still leaves geeks like us feel less than happy. After all, if not a little bureaucracy, we could just as well review the HD2 just now.

Look at the HD7 and its Windows phone 7 OS in isolation, but we recommend the final product. Whether we like the route by which Microsoft has been here, what we see with all these launch devices is a hell of a seamless user experience. So, in spite of his age hardware, HD7 is in no way a sloppy performance. Basic, we would have preferred something beefier inside, but it is precisely because we like to talk, and we like them to grow taller, but in actual use HD7 is enough more than the nippy.

HD7's meat and potatoes, its reason to be important for its life, growth of its entire operation. If we do not have made it quite clear yet, the view is this phone define function and also what is likely to determine its commercial success. Apart from the main determinant of course--Windows phone 7 experience--but US has been so tightly regimented by Microsoft, you will be able to easily jump aboard the ship should be abother WP7 HD7 not rock your boat entirely on how you want it to. Problems with its 4.3-inch Panel, however, is that it actually both make and break the appeal of HD7. Allow us to explain.

On the one hand, the Panel extended really your daily tasks so much easier smartphone. Yes, as far as the pixel density, it is not better off than the more diminutive phones compete against, but the magnification of these pixels were an absolute improvement for us, makes it possible to read Web pages without necessarily having to zoom in on them every time, and also make navigation and text input significantly easier. It is worth restating, that perhaps this was just our experience and others can find large screen overwhelming and content unnecessarily inflated. What we are saying is that this just felt like the ideal size for us, not too big (Hello, stripe!) and not too small (Motorola Flipout, anyone?).

In fact, on a couple of times we honestly got implemented away read on our cycling and simply forgot we used a telephone. It felt more like browsing on our desks with extra bonus in order to be able to scroll by zap your fingers. It was a fantastic sensation, even if it lasted only for brief moments, and, of course, it is not something we can confidently say that you will be able to experience in the smaller devices in Windows phone 7 stable. Samsung Omnia 7 and Dell meeting place Pro can get close to, but clearly HD7 sits at the top of the stack when it comes to take your Windows experience on the go without resorting to a Tablet PC or a laptop computer.

Camera on the HD7 was strange for us to come to life. On the one hand, the focus is pretty snappy and Windows phone 7 allows you to jump straight in the camera app from a locked display (by pressing and holding down the shutter button). But our actual achievements were somewhat hit and Miss. Sometimes, it would nail HD7 camera white balance in situations where even a DSLR fought to guess correctly, but other times it would fight to focus in the relatively unchallenging circumstances. Apart from that, we must take issue with the WP7's inability to remember the settings of the camera (or video camera). HD7 default settings weirdly enough for shooting 480 p video that you want to switch up even ... each time you use the video app. perhaps we n.a. in making our settings stick, but secure enough, every time we turned on the camera and wanted to shoot in 720 p, we had to manually enable it. That was annoying. Video of the year, even it is presentable stuff, even though the sensor inclined to find focus, even when we keep it constantly on a lie. All in all seems HD7 camera and video recording few course (something mediocre) smartphone.

The first thing to note is that HTC adorns the boot sequence for its Hub with a scandalous extravagant and almost immediately annoying animation, which pummels you with oncoming cloud and sun symbols to remind you that, Yes, there is the weather app comes when you get there. inside, you are confronted with a stock updater that climate-monitoring utility we just mentioned, and some other tidbits notes and a Photo Enhancer. HTC promises it will keep adding more features as things go, and we have no reason to doubt. For now, we could care less about stocks or weather, so we decided to play with the other two apps.

Notes is a quirky, stylized take on your usual note-recording app. It gives you a Management Board, which you can "pin" small record-its, which in turn age relative to their, erm, age. Frankly, we can take it or leave it, there is a character limit on each note so if you are a kind of wordy, it receives the author immediately want to discourage use, while its stylized elements feel something forced and unnecessary. It is cute, and perhaps some weird demographic who appreciates animated transitions for more than a quick and easy data input will appreciate it more, but it was not for us.

What can we say that we do not have expressed already? HD7 is pretty much what you trøde it would be. It is the same 4.3-inch blueprint, HTC has used to great success with the HD2 and EVO 4 G, used on the brand new Windows phone 7 operating environment. The first question you really have to answer is whether or not you want to be on board the WP7 sauce train. We remain faithful to trønde, a smartphone is only as good (or bad) as its software, so decide on your OS first and the phone specific sec. If you are still with us, we will recommend HD7 as a fixed WP7 device choice, but with a few caveats.

Build quality is a step in the finest we have seen, lander HD7 in the category "passable", while the display can achieve a high level of brightness, but it goes to waste, thanks to its poor contrast and viewing angles. For a device wants to woo us with his multimedia capabilities, renders this, along with middling audio output from its stereo speakers, HD7 a failure measured purely by prides itself on its promotional materials.

You can download the HTC HD 7 User Guide click here


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