Monday, June 20, 2011

PDF Manual Guide Nokia 3300 music series


Exclusive black phone is also Jay-Z true tones (ring tones, sounds like real music), and backgrounds. Registered owners of black phone receive weekly text alerts and monthly voice messages from Jay-Z for a limited period of time. Black phone will be available approximately $ 124 (after mail in rebates) begins Friday, December 19 Select Sam Goody, media play locations nationwide.< "Technology now allows us to deliver music in new ways. Black phone is at the forefront of the future, which includes buy music immediately and to take it with you wherever you go, "says Jay-Z. "Teaming with Nokia to develop black phone gives me a deeper connection to my fans through my music, and mobile messaging." Entrepreneurship in the heart, Jay-Z has risen to the top of the genre rap since starting his own record label, Roc a Fella Records, which was a risky strategy at a time when the practice simply had not finished or on an ambitious scale. His debut album, reasonable doubt was a critical favorite and received gold single status. But it was not until his third album, vol. 2: Hard Knock life, Jay-Z exceeded critical acclaimed status and achieved mainstream success. In the late 1990s, he was among
the world's most recognized rappers. With the much anticipated latest release of the album Black, Jay-Z has hovered in the number one spot on the Billboard charts for several weeks.

"Black phone represents Nokia's commitment to music and to develop devices that correspond to the lifestyle of consumers," said Nada Usina, general manager of the Nokia Entertainment and Media Department. "This relationship associates a leader in mobility with a leading artist to deliver music and
complete fan experience in a unique new way. Jay-Z has always been a leading and he continues, by being the first artist to distribute his music and connect with fans in a mobile environment. This is a step to see. "

Black phone will be available exclusively in the shops at Sam Goody, media play starts Friday. Sam Goody, mall-based music retailer and Media Player, music, movies, books and games super State will implement black phone in ca. 400 retail outlets.

"Black telephone bridge trend-conscious guests music and lifestyle preferences. This is an innovative early to how Music country will build relationships with our customers on the move,» said country Music CEO Eric Weisman.

You can download the Nokia 3300 manual User Guide click here


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