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Nokia X 3-02 Smartphone review and manual instructions


Nokia X 3-02 Smartphone
Expecting most users smartphone features such as touchscreens and WiFi from their feature phones. At the same time, some people still an affordable, fixed unit, which focuses primarily on to make calls and send text messages with the occasional foray into entertainment preferences and data-based communication. Nokia sells hundreds of different phone models. Some design is memorable, some are generic, but in a way each remains instantly recognizable as Nokia hardware. X 3-02 continues this trend, and manages simultaneously appealing and unobtrusive. It is a small phone in a world of massive slates and markers with a hardly larger than the legendary Sony Ericsson W800 while retaining the same ultrathin profile that iPhone 4 footprint. At first glance, it looks like just another video Nokia dumbphone,
but with a larger screen. And here is Touch and Type of moniker from: the front is dominated by a 2.4-inch QVGA touchscreen t├Žndkabler paired with a 16-key numeric keypad below. Nokia decided here to put the asterisk, pound, and zero keys in a column to the right of the number keys with call, e-mail, music, and exit keys in a row above the number keys.

Despite the lack of Auto focus and a flash, 5 megapixel camera performs very well in most situations. X 3-02 user a EDoF (Extended depth of field) lens. As a result, topics or scenes outside around two feet (60 cm) is always perfect in focus, but like a fixed focus lens, closeup shots is always blurred. We look at our sample pictures, color balance is fine, but exposure is somewhat limited by the sensor, which appears overwhelmed in bright light. Noise is under control and low-light performance is decent considering the small lens and sensor. Since there is no accelerometer or GPS, missing shots orientation or geolocation data. Interface camera basic, and portrait only, but Nokia does a surprisingly capable image editing program. While the X 3-02 handle stills with aplomb, retrieves the VGA video, which can best be described as mediocre. The sound quality is poor, and a frame rate is limited to a bouncing 15 fps.

While it is all very clever, requires several areas still improvements. First you must find abbreviated descriptions which weirdly "rest. the fact of the matter. seen. "liberally sprinkled all over the interface. These are confusing and detract from the overall experience. The second is solely rely on a numeric keyboard for text input only painful. We are aware of the real estate is with a premium of 2.4-inch touchscreen, but it seems there is just enough space for a landscape QWERTY keyboard on the screen. Third series 40 dumbphone US remains at the core, with no consistent reviews and no true multitasking. Nokia bundles apps for email and social networks, but only those latter consignments reviews. Multitasking is limited to playback of music and only functions when the camera is not used. Finally, means no GPS is not available, Ovi Maps and Google Maps are all but useless without a separate Bluetooth receiver. We are surprised that the X 3-02 missing even simple cell-based positioning.

You can Download Nokia X 3-02 manual user guide click here


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