Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Overview Guide


Internet tablets will attract everyone. The company has readily admitted that it is for a specific audience--agree with gadget lovers and early adopters--and we certainly with this statement. However, with each successive model see we also further appeal in such a device. The latest model, the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, contains some nice improvements, including a full QWERTY keyboard and integrated GPS. There is also a more robust Web browser, and improved interface courtesy of latest Nokia Internet Tablet 2008 operating system. And while these are all welcome additions, we ended up a little disappointed when we found the keyboard to be a bit of congestion, and that you had to pay an extra $ 130 for driving directions. As such, we do not believe is necessarily worth upgrading N810 from the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (you can download a software update from Nokia to get the latest OS) but if you make your first foray into Internet mobile devices, Nokia N810 is a sleek and Web 2.0-friendly choice. Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is available now for $ 479.99.

Nokia has improved the design with each iteration of the Internet Tablet, and the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is no exception. It carries a smaller footprint than the N800 on 2.8 inches high by 5 inches wide by 0.5 inches deep but weighs the same, amounting to 7.2 ounces, which is, admittedly, heavier side. Still, it is compact enough to glide in bag or purse, and sleekness combined with brushed metal finish makes it one sexy device. N810 is sure to win a pair of find from the spectators.

On the front there is a 4.1-inch QVGA touch screen that displays 65,000 colors with an 800 x 480 pixels resolution. It was a pleasant experience, check out the sites and display pictures thanks to the sharp definition and vivid colors. It can be read in different lighting conditions, and there is an ambient light sensor to adjust the brightness, depending on your environment. The user interface is a bit different than the N800, and it is still not completely intuitive, it is easier to navigate and applications is nicely organized by category. You can also customize the startup screen with different themes and background images, and conveniently you can drag elements around the page to create a layout that suits you.

To the left of the screen, see Webcam, a home screen shortcut, a back button and a progress indicator. Navigation control pad, was found on the N800 has been moved (more on this in a bit), but we missed below this on the front of the unit for easier drive device. You can use the included stylus to maneuver through the menus and select items. The touch screen is responsive, but there was a bit of lag, but this was more of a problem with performance rather than a problem with the touch screen.

The top of the unit has a key to minimize/maximize the screen, a zoom in and out/volume rocker, a power button, a lock switch, and the pen. You can find a 3.5-mm jack and power connectors along the right-back, and there are speakers on both sides of the device. On the floor is miniSD expansion slot-card and the battery cover release. Like the N800, there is a stand so that you can support the N810 on a flat surface, but we found that when we went to put it back, of the stand would sometimes catch the edge of the expansion slot cover and pull it open.

You can download the Manual User Guide click here


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