Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nokia E63 overview and manual instructions PDF Format


We have models which Nokia E63. Based on the popular business smartphone E71, is a full keyboard is now available for everyone. Its appearance is more relaxed, replace the metal with a high-quality plastic. Hopefully build quality does not suffer from this and still is very advanced. The colors are also more liberal and instead of the dull gray and black we find here is fresher blue or red. E63 has been slightly thicker and is now 13 mm, instead of E71 10 mm. There is virtually no change in the other dimensions and size as a whole is pretty decent for a QWERTY phone. Talking about the keyboard, we must mention that the keys are very useful, although a little bit. Unfortunately, once again is not the bottom row of keys moved to the right, so you need to get used to it in order to avoid mistakes. When it comes to buttons, we must note the total absence of such on the pages — no volume rocker and no power key.<E63's video will not disappoint you. It looks good indoors, as well as when exposed to sunlight, although the latter situation is a little colors undistinguishable. Still the picture is clear enough and allows you to use the device with no real issues.

SMS messages have been the most popular mobile service. Who would have thought that people want to write messages on a strange way on these small keyboards? Years later, the phones are much more advanced and the variety is larger, but this service continue to hold the first place.

You can download nokia e63 Manual Guide click here


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