Monday, June 20, 2011

BlackBerry 9670 style overview


Default color is black with elegant dark chrome accents, but a Royal Purple version will soon be available. The hinge feel rather strongly on this flip, and we would like to see the battery cover brushed metal appearance. But we found that the glossy front picked up fingerprints quickly. Here is typical BlackBerry buttons below the screen: back, call, end and menu. In between the buttons is a responsive touchpad, which referred to smooth navigation and good accuracy. The left side of the phone has a micro USB/charging port and a 3.5 mm jack for headphones. The right side has a volume rocker and convenience key is pre-programmed as a dedicated camera button. The style's QWERTY keyboard is pretty responsive with terraced keys for a better grip. When the keys are so close together, we could write as quickly as we could on the curve 3 G, but we achieved with minimal practice pretty good accuracy. The style's keyboard is similar to the AT&T's BlackBerry Torch 9800, which works fine, but a little flat. We also noted that the backlight is not very bright.

Style 2-240 x 320 external screen shows a clock and new messages as they are displayed. You can also scroll through previews of your new messages with volume keys while the device is closed. Check new messages without opening the phone came in handy often. Inside style 2.7-inch QVGA display with 400 x 360 resolution. We review a lot of phones, and goes from a 4.3-or 3.5-inch screen to a 2.7-inch screen is a big hit on the screen real estate. With it, you get less space, but it fits the form factor. Normally, we would regret a low resolution of a smart phone, but on the screen, this small, text and images are not pixilated. While browsing on the Internet, the text style and had images looked clear vivid colors.

Style running BlackBerry 6 software, which includes several improvements vs. the previous version of the operating system. For example, you get multiple home screens that you can easily customize universal search to find everything from e-mail to apps, and a new notification window, which makes it easy to view messages, and calendar entries overview. There is also a smart social feeds app, aggregates Facebook and Twitter updates.

BlackBerry Torch was the first BB to run the operating system, but interface showed what you can do with a touch screen and a trackpad. Here it is all about touchpad, and we're happy to report that it works really well. Using the trackpad to navigate through multiple home pages were smooth, and while we still believe BlackBerry 6 looks a little filled with its many icons and menus, this is the best interface we have spent on a non-touchscreen BlackBerry.

You can download BlackBerry 9670 manual user guide click here


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